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Simple Present Tense
1. Repeated Actions - She washes clothes every morning. - mother always takes care her child every time. 
2. Facts - The Bird has two wings. - Human has to eyes. 
3. Scheduled Events in The Near Future - Tina goings to school at 7 pm. - I have breakfast at 7 pm.
 4. Now - They studies English togeteher now. - Mira plays guitar at class now
by Lu'lu

1. Repeated Actions
- I goes to library twice a week.
- She always writes short story every week.

2. Facts
- The sun rises from the east, and sets on the west every day.
- Water always flows to the lower place.

3. Scheduled events in the near future
- I sleeps at 8pm.
- He has breakfast at 7am.

4. Now
- Now, he tells me that he will never leave me alone.
- My mother cooks friedrice now.

Name  : Resti Nuraeni
NIM : 16311011026

           Simple Present Tense adalah tense yang paling banyak diguakan dalam bahasa Inggris dikatakan Simple karena ingin menunjukkan bahwa pekerjaan tersebut tidak sedang (continuous) atau telah (perfect) dilakukan. Rumus dari tense ini sangat sederhana (simple).

S + V1 + O + C

          Yaitu Verb 1. Sehingga rumus dasar kalimat verbalnya adalah: S + Verb-1. Sedangkan kalimat nominalnya S + to be bentuk pertama (Verb-1) yaitu am/is/are + nominal (adjective, noun). Hanya yang harus diperhatikan, khusus pada simple present tense, untuk orang ketiga tunggal (she, he, it), maka kata kerjanya harus diberi tambahan -s atau -es.

              Simple Present Tense digunakan untuk :
1. Repeated Actions 
Repeated Actions adalah tindakan yang dilakukan secara berulang-ulang.
Example : -Hami sleeps everynight             
2. Facts
Facts adalah fakta atau kejadian yang benar terjadi dan sudah mutlak kebenarannya.
Example : - The sun rises in the east
3. Scheduled events in the near future
Scheduled events in near future adalah rencana yang direncanakan dalam waktu dekat.
Example : - I have dinne at 8 pm.
4. Now
Now adalah sekarang, perbuatan atau kegiatan yang dilakukan saat ini.
Example : Urif studies english now.

Nama : Syifa Isnaeni
NIM : 1631011006

Topic : My personal Dreams
Main Ideas : My personal dream is wonderful
Supporting ideas :      1. I want to teacher
                                 2. i want to be businessman
                                 3. i want to be patient
                                 4. i want to be great woman
                                 5. i want to be wife solehah

                                         My personal Dreams
       My personal dream is wonderful, it is because i have a lot of dreams. The first, i want to be a teacher because i his the science was the knowledge that a have the results of my study. And a want to be businessman because a wanted to have a second job in addition to teachers. And a want to be patient because one of the keys that teachers should be patient in dealing with his. And i want to be great woman because woman also become a great figure in all the right. And a want to be wife solehah, because woman shoud make her husband`s wife mother for her child. And teacher for his students.

My Personal Dreams by Syifa

My Personal Dreams

Main ideas : my dream is fun

Supporting ideas         :
Ø  I want to be a biology teacher
Ø  Can share knowledgi to his pupils
Ø  The biology teacher can explain the plants and animals
Ø  Being a teacher is a very noble job
Ø  Being a teacher can also make money

My dreams is fun

Being a teacher was fun, because the ideals i want to be a teacher and the lessons that i liked is biology, because i decided to become a biology teacher.
A teacher can also share his knowledge to a student, i think that knowledge sharing is a fun addition we can also remember the lessons ever taught while studying at college
Being a biology teacher can give more depth to the understanding of a person that can be applied as a basis to improve his life tarap, providing knowledge as biological resources that are beneiciak for human needs, providing knowledgito students for conserving biological resources from extinction, to teach students to perform diverensiasi thus obtained new sources different, and tell his disciples how important maintaining biological resouces.
Noble work when listening to a teacher first proverb says “ in guguh and imitate” implies a very deep meanin, a teacher educate nation’s children should have an educator, many people who want to devote himself as a teacher, a teacher  who is wiling to teach with love, to motivate me that a teacher always wait to teach his student even just to read the writing and numeracy.
The job of a teacher is not too difficult and pressing, a job that does not take a whole day, in comparison with the work of other, more time-cosuming. The job of a teacher can also make money for everyday needs.

Nama               :Era mutiara
NIM                :1631011007
Prodi               :pend. biology
Name  : Gina aulia handayani
NIM      : 1631011018

      I have a diverse dreams, since childhood I want to be a doctor because I interested with medicine but after adult desire change into a nurse because interested many female nurse if go to hospital.
      Therefore I want to be a continuing education to a higher level. I want to be a continuing education to a higher level but the world of medicine that currently not yet materialized.
     My dream another I want to be a teacher, besides I wanted to be a nurse I also wanted to be a teacher because inspired with the young teacher is theaching children in remote village to advance education and my dreams wanted to like it.
     Besides my dream to be a nurse and teacher I wish others that wish to do business for memgisi leisure and employment opportunities for the people.
     My dream is the greatest and most important being the wish happy parents and become successful young woman and could be useful for those people around with my dreams that first wanted to continue her education in the field of medicine that are currently not reached after it became a nurse in order to help is also caring for the sick, and then my other dream is to be a young teacher who introduced education for children in remote villages who lack education
Nama : Hami Aziziyyah Noer
NIM : 1631011022
Prodi : Pend. Biologi

Topic                   : My Personal Dream
Main Ideas          : In my life, I have more dreams and I think this is a dreams high
Supporting Ideas  :
-        I want to be a millioner, because I want go to Makkah with my family.
-        I Want to be a ustadzah in the Islamic Boarding School.
-        I want to be a biology teacher, because I take direction Biology Education in University Muhammadiyah Sukabumi.
-        I Want to be a Succes people, in the world and hereafter.
-        I Want make my parents cry of happiness because I am success.

Dream High

I was born from simple family, but in my life I have more dreams, and I think this is a dreams high. First dream, I want to be a millioner, because I want go to Makkah with my family, build a amazing home, and round the world.
Second dreams, I want to be a ustadzah in Islamic Boarding School and I think this is so difficult for me, because I must deep Religious knowledge. Ustadzah is a my dream when I was  in high school.
Third dreams, I want to be a Biology teacher, because I very like biology lesson, I think Biology lesson make me to know nature and i take Biology education at University Muhammadiyah Sukabumi.
Fourth dreams, I want to be a success people, in the world and hereafter, Success in the world but not in the hereafter that is a loss.
And the last dreams, I want make my parents cry of happiness because I am successful, their sturggle for me will not replaceable by money.
Name : Siti Sara
NIM : 1631011016

           My Personal Dreams

My dream is wonderful
11. I will be successful in education
I 2. I will be beatify my parents
33.  I will not disappoint parents
44. Teacher is my dreams from a child
55. I want my knowledge helpful

     My personal dream is wonderful. It is because I have a lot dreams. The first, i want to be a teacher,because teacher can be known people, what i learned can be carried, and my mather is teacher and i want such as her. Secound, i want to be a businessman, because my parents an entrepreneur catering and snack and i want advancing the business they. Third, i want to be a successfull people because i want beatify my parents, and rich. Rourth, i want to be a good daughter because i do’nt want disappointing my parents which haas been inspirasion such as oki setiana dewi because i want to make youth of today the islamic thinking.
Name : Lu'lu Robiatul
NIM   : 1631011011

Lu'lu Robiatul Personal Dream

I want to go around the world, bacause it's realy fun for me, and I love trying new things. There are some things I want to do when I travel around the world. First, I want to try the food there in every country, or commonly called culinary tourism. And I want to get the experience of trying unique and tasty foods that exists of each country. Second, I want to visit the beautiful places in the world, because I like to enjoy the scenery and want to take photos of nature. Third, I want to know the culture that exists around the world, because I want to learn and have extensive knowledge. Last, I want to learn the language, and I want to be English, French, Japanese, and Korean. And I want to gain experience talking to stranger.
Name                          : Resti Nuraeni
NIM                           : 1631011026
Departement               : Biology Education

Topic                     :My Personal Dreams
Main Ideas           :My dream is to become a successful woman
Suporting Ideas   : 1. I will be successful in education
                                 2. I will be successful in the job
                                 3. I will be successful in relationships
                                 4. I'm going to be successful as a child my parents
                                 5. I will be successful in the world and in the Hereafter

Everyone has dreams. I have dreams for the future just like everyone else. Dreams of the will be successful in educationn, in the job, in relationships, be successful as a child my parents and I will be successful in the world and in the Hereafter. I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. I  want to be a successfull woman. To be a successful woman in education the first thing I have to do is learn to sincerely and apply the knowledge who i get to my life. Beside that I think  i should have a different way to other people, never give up, always optimistic and always focus on the target. I want to achieve. I want to create a new innovation, especially in terms of being a different teacher with other teachers, beside that I wanted to prove that my dream will come true . My dream was passed with the ipk cumclaude and a teacher who the best of the nation and my parents.

After I graduatedfrom college I want to work as a teacher, not the teacher just ordinary but extraordinary teacher. I will be responsible to my work, I also hope to become professional teachers and recognized the nation and the country. I  want to become civil servants who are successful and balanced between the salaries and the job I do. I want to be confidant in my work later. My dream is become a professional teachers  because then my ability has been recognized and I can get certified.

I want to be successful in relationships, both in relationships, friendship, and community. I want to be the one whose presence always be missed and needed. I want to be people who have a high social attitudes because it will make us like crowds. I wanted to be proud of my parents and do not embarrass them. Because they are already struggling to make all the way to all of my dreams. I want to be a successful shaleha women in the world and in the hereafter. because it is the message of my parents. Do not chase the world but hereafter should be prioritized. I want all my dreams come true. And I'll try to make it happen

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