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Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 29 September 2016

My Personal Dreams

Main ideas : my dream is fun

Supporting ideas         :
Ø  I want to be a biology teacher
Ø  Can share knowledgi to his pupils
Ø  The biology teacher can explain the plants and animals
Ø  Being a teacher is a very noble job
Ø  Being a teacher can also make money

My dreams is fun

Being a teacher was fun, because the ideals i want to be a teacher and the lessons that i liked is biology, because i decided to become a biology teacher.
A teacher can also share his knowledge to a student, i think that knowledge sharing is a fun addition we can also remember the lessons ever taught while studying at college
Being a biology teacher can give more depth to the understanding of a person that can be applied as a basis to improve his life tarap, providing knowledge as biological resources that are beneiciak for human needs, providing knowledgito students for conserving biological resources from extinction, to teach students to perform diverensiasi thus obtained new sources different, and tell his disciples how important maintaining biological resouces.
Noble work when listening to a teacher first proverb says “ in guguh and imitate” implies a very deep meanin, a teacher educate nation’s children should have an educator, many people who want to devote himself as a teacher, a teacher  who is wiling to teach with love, to motivate me that a teacher always wait to teach his student even just to read the writing and numeracy.
The job of a teacher is not too difficult and pressing, a job that does not take a whole day, in comparison with the work of other, more time-cosuming. The job of a teacher can also make money for everyday needs.

Nama               :Era mutiara
NIM                :1631011007
Prodi               :pend. biology

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