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Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 29 September 2016

Name  : Gina aulia handayani
NIM      : 1631011018

      I have a diverse dreams, since childhood I want to be a doctor because I interested with medicine but after adult desire change into a nurse because interested many female nurse if go to hospital.
      Therefore I want to be a continuing education to a higher level. I want to be a continuing education to a higher level but the world of medicine that currently not yet materialized.
     My dream another I want to be a teacher, besides I wanted to be a nurse I also wanted to be a teacher because inspired with the young teacher is theaching children in remote village to advance education and my dreams wanted to like it.
     Besides my dream to be a nurse and teacher I wish others that wish to do business for memgisi leisure and employment opportunities for the people.
     My dream is the greatest and most important being the wish happy parents and become successful young woman and could be useful for those people around with my dreams that first wanted to continue her education in the field of medicine that are currently not reached after it became a nurse in order to help is also caring for the sick, and then my other dream is to be a young teacher who introduced education for children in remote villages who lack education

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