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Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 29 September 2016

Name : Lu'lu Robiatul
NIM   : 1631011011

Lu'lu Robiatul Personal Dream

I want to go around the world, bacause it's realy fun for me, and I love trying new things. There are some things I want to do when I travel around the world. First, I want to try the food there in every country, or commonly called culinary tourism. And I want to get the experience of trying unique and tasty foods that exists of each country. Second, I want to visit the beautiful places in the world, because I like to enjoy the scenery and want to take photos of nature. Third, I want to know the culture that exists around the world, because I want to learn and have extensive knowledge. Last, I want to learn the language, and I want to be English, French, Japanese, and Korean. And I want to gain experience talking to stranger.

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