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Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 29 September 2016

Nama : Syifa Isnaeni
NIM : 1631011006

Topic : My personal Dreams
Main Ideas : My personal dream is wonderful
Supporting ideas :      1. I want to teacher
                                 2. i want to be businessman
                                 3. i want to be patient
                                 4. i want to be great woman
                                 5. i want to be wife solehah

                                         My personal Dreams
       My personal dream is wonderful, it is because i have a lot of dreams. The first, i want to be a teacher because i his the science was the knowledge that a have the results of my study. And a want to be businessman because a wanted to have a second job in addition to teachers. And a want to be patient because one of the keys that teachers should be patient in dealing with his. And i want to be great woman because woman also become a great figure in all the right. And a want to be wife solehah, because woman shoud make her husband`s wife mother for her child. And teacher for his students.

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