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Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 29 September 2016

Name : Siti Sara
NIM : 1631011016

           My Personal Dreams

My dream is wonderful

11. I will be successful in education
I 2. I will be beatify my parents
33.  I will not disappoint parents
44. Teacher is my dreams from a child
55. I want my knowledge helpful

     My personal dream is wonderful. It is because I have a lot dreams. The first, i want to be a teacher,because teacher can be known people, what i learned can be carried, and my mather is teacher and i want such as her. Secound, i want to be a businessman, because my parents an entrepreneur catering and snack and i want advancing the business they. Third, i want to be a successfull people because i want beatify my parents, and rich. Rourth, i want to be a good daughter because i do’nt want disappointing my parents which haas been inspirasion such as oki setiana dewi because i want to make youth of today the islamic thinking.

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